Riley car, pre-WWII

My parents owned a Riley car, in which they toured New Zealand during the early 1950s. This would have been very much 2nd hand even then, so I can safely assume that it was a pre-WW II car. The body was pretty much falling apart, but the engine was fine. Dad told me that this decrepit looking car would happily pass new vehicles struggling up steep hills. Mum said that the passenger seat tended to creep forward, so that after a while she would end up sitting with her knees near her chin.

Eventually, dad was contacted by a man who had seen him driving the car around Wellington, and very much wanted to buy it. Dad pointed out the the body was in terrible condition, but the buyer was not worried. He had a Riley of a same or similar model, with a good condition body but a busted motor. All he wanted was the engine. So, dad sold it to him.

I found some pictures from 1950 of my parents, and the car. They are not very good pictures, but in case someone is interested, here they are.

I don’t know what model it is, maybe someone out there can tell from the photos.

Mum & Dad
Mum, and the best overall view of the car
That’s number plate 29-230, from around 1950.
Yes, there is a car in there.
Dad with the car