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It seems easier at this point to simply retain the old iWeb pages with a link to them off the WordPress entries rather than try to move them across. I have duplicated one entry, the d20 Coinage entry, since it was the apparent inability of Google and Bing to find the page that finally prompted me to change.

Coinage in d20 Games

In my D&D campaigns, I got sick of everything being a multiple of 10, when historically coins were multiples of 12, 4, 6 etc. Just consider the British penny; half-penny; farthing (four to the penny); threepence; groat (four pence); sixpence; shilling (equal to twelve pennies); florin (two shillings); half-crown (2 shillings and sixpence); crown; pound (20 shillings) and guinea (21 shillings).

There is also the oft remarked upon fact that in the D&D world, everyday items are greatly inflated in price, with every thing being held to the d20 ‘gold’ standard.

To that end, I created a more varied system. The campaign that uses this is set in Middle-Earth, and for the currency of the North (the ancient realm of Arnor), I created a system with more reasonable values (a standard working wage of a penny a day) and a wide variety of coins, from different races (Human, Elf and Dwarf) and regions.


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