Newbery, with one r

The one r spelling is unusual. In fact, if you share the one r spelling, there is a good chance we are related. Nearly everyone automatically ‘corrects’ the spelling, and thus Newberys tend to become Newberrys or Newburys. (And sometimes Newberrys become Newburys and vice versa). There is a strong branch of the family in Argentina, and Bill Newbery has done an outstanding job of tracing the Internet connected Newberys. For more information, you can contact Bill at <>

Current Research Topics

I’m researching my genealogy, and as I find new information, I put the updated information up on the web. In my little bit of the tree, I’m currently hunting for more information on the following people:

Joseph (Jarvey) Newbery


My great grandfather. I have quite a bit of information on Jarvey, including death and marriage certificates. We have traced his family back to Hitchin, HRT where there are a lot of Newberys, Newberrys and Newburys.

Any information on his parents, siblings and step-siblings (and families) would be most appreciated.

David NEWBERRY m Mary Ann WORBY 19 Oct 1849 Hitchin, HRT, ENG

  1. David NEWBERY b 1 Nov 1843 Hitchin, HRT, ENG
  2. Joseph (Joab, Jarvey) NEWBERY b 24 Dec 1845 Hitchin, HRT, ENG
  3. Daniel NEWBERY (Died as Infant) b abt 1850
  4. Edith (Eda) NEWBERY b bef 31 Dec 1852
  5. Hannah NEWBERY b 6 Dec 1854 Hollow Lane, Hitchin, HRT, ENG
  6. Edith NEWBERY b 1855 Hitchin, HRT, ENG Is this the same person as Eda?)
  7. Eliza NEWBERY b bef 25 Nov 1859

Family tradition has it that he was a jockey (Epsom, Aintree, etc.) until he became too heavy. He then (?) became associated with the Lambert family of Whitley Bay (Northumberland) for whom he worked as coachman (hence the name "Jarvey"). He was also a lamplighter (at least at the time of his son’s marriage).

He was a terrier fancier and worked as a vet.

Jemima Scott

My great grandmother. Jemima is already an Internet success story. We found her in the 1881 census, with a birth place of "Faskally", a place that doesn’t appear on modern maps.

When I put this information up on the Internet, I received the information that located Faskally (an estate near Pitlochery) and then Jemima SCOTT, the gamekeeper’s daughter, in the 1851 census. From that I found her brothers and sisters and her parents’ names, and a little more sleuthing turned up her likely maternal grandparents.

From knowing almost nothing about my great-grandmother, I am building up a reasonable picture of her. I would love any more information on her or her family.

Elizabeth Newbery neé Thornton

Elizabeth Newbery

My grandmother. I have a picture of her, given to me by my father, and a copy of her marriage certificate. (m 24 Dec 1910, Hetton Le Hole, Durham, England).

However, I can't locate her birth, nor can I reliably find her in any census. There is also the puzzling question of my father's "Uncle John". (Puzzling because so far I can't find anyone who could possibly fit the bill)

Do you recognise the person in the picture? If you are interested, or think you might be able to help, I have more of the story, together with some more pictures, on a separate page.

Peter Molloy

b abt 1861 in Northumberland. He was in life insurance, and I believe he may have been General Manager of Canada Life Insurance in England at some time. From census return I know his mother’s name was Sarah, but only that his father was born in Ireland.

We think he may have had two sisters back in Ireland, but thus far we have little other information.

Isabella Teasdale

I also know very little about Peter’s wife. I have her name, from her son’s birth certificate. I also have a photograph which I think is her—but I can’t be sure—and the probable names of her parents.

James Clement Butcher

James Butcher

My great great grandfather. b 5 Feb 1824 in Leamington, Warwickshire. I have his son’s (my great grandfather) birth certificate, which shows the birth at Winchester Barracks—at which time James was a corporal.

While researching, I noted that James was strangely absent from the 1851 census. I then thought to look into his regiment. He was in the 1st battalion of the Rifle Brigade. This is fairly famous—being the Duke of Wellington’s own at the Battle of Waterloo, and during the years James served it was almost constantly overseas, in South Africa and the Crimea.

James had eight children, and I’m not the only descendent researching him! I’ve now located several cousins descended from James, from whom I have some of his military record. He was in both South Africa, and in the Crimea and at (and survived) the Charge of the Light Brigade. He must have had a very exiting life. I wonder how he came to meet his wife?

Elizabeth Leach Carr

James’s wife was born in the village of Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. The 1851 census shows her family in Spittal as well. Are you related to the Carrs of Spittal? Hello cousin.

Children of James Clement Butcher & Elizabeth Leach Carr

James Clement had eight children. The eldest, William, emigrated to Australia. I’m related to James Edward, but I don’t know much about living descendents of the others, except... in another Internet success story, I’ve made contact with a member of Joseph’s family—John C Butcher, who can be emailed at AOL as JohnCButcher. If you are related to any of the following, we both want to make contact with you!

  1. William Butcher
  2. James Edward Butcher m Susannah Laidler
  3. Catherine Jane Butcher m John Edwin Robson
  4. Emma Sarah Butcher m Thomas Davey
  5. John Carr Butcher m Catherine Ryder
  6. Joseph Butcher m1 Sarah Fletcher, m2 Mary Sanderson
  7. Ralph Thomas Butcher m Maria Lawson
  8. Elizabeth Alma Butcher m Joseph Ferguson

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